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Verify Your Phone Number In Google Merchant Center Now

By Tony Capetola on March, 26 2021

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Tony Capetola

SVP, Partnerships + GTM - One of the original founding members of the S&O team, Tony oversees strategic partner development and go-to-market planning for our Channel, Technology, and Agency partnerships.

Any ecommerce store owner or operator with a Google Merchant Center account needs to check and make sure they verify their phone number - less you wish to risk an account suspension.

Just as we recently wrote about how to fix Google Merchant Center account suspensions, a relatively new issue has arisen for store owners and one that should be reviewed immediately.

Left unchecked, not verifying your phone number in Merchant Center can and most likely lead to an account suspension.

As we had previously written on the subject, Merchant Center account suspensions knock out everything from Shopping Ads and Free Listings to Buy on Google. That means no traffic to your website from these Google for retail programs.

How To Verify Your Phone Number In Merchant Center

The good thing is that it is very easy to verify (or, really, re-verify) your phone number within Google Merchant Center:

  • Log into Google Merchant Center
  • Click on the gear icon
  • Select Business information
  • Scroll down to the section for Phone number for verification purposes
  • Enter your valid phone number
  • Scroll down further and click Save

Google Merchant Center Phone Number Verification

With that you have avoided the headache of dealing with a Merchant Center account suspension that just so happens to be one of the easiest to avoid or fix!

How Often Should You Check Your Merchant Center Account?

Many ecommerce business owners rely on platforms like ours at Sales & Orders to collect their product data and ship it out in a feed to destinations like Google Merchant Center.

Google Merchant Center Verify Phone Number

While our platform (unlike many others) can report back on account and product level issues and even warnings and suspensions - this should not be a replacement for due diligence and making sure that your account is up to date and healthy.

Whether you prefer logging into your feed tool platform's native interface or a destination like Google Merchant Center directly, it is incredibly important to check in frequently on your account status and feed health.

Should it be you as the business owner, someone on your team, or your feed provider or manager - one crucial layer of notification to add can be found directly in Google Merchant Center.

Based on user-level settings, you can toggle on and off which notifications you wish to receive about your Merchant Center account.

Google Merchant Center Notification Settings

With respect to the Mandatory service announcements, you can receive notifications on such things as:

  • Account warnings
  • Account suspensions
  • Account review outcomes
  • Drops in number of products in your feed(s)

If you are reading this now, and have now re-verified your phone number, take a moment to check your notification settings and who is receiving them.

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