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Topic: Remarketing

Remarketing Facebook Ads Facebook Social Media Marketing

Facebook Remarketing: What Is It & How Can You Get Started?
By Richard Aviles on December 7, 2021

E-commerce as a whole can be unpredictable. There is one thing you can count on, though: even though there may be sales, there are people who will interact with your site and  abandon...

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E-Commerce SEM PPC Remarketing ecommerce Bing Shopping Bing Ads Microsoft Advertising

E-Commerce Game Changer: Remarketing Audiences for Bing Shopping Campaigns
By Tony Capetola on July 8, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the e-commerce industry several years into the future, and merchants must be thinking about how to do the same with their advertising.

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AdWords E-Commerce Google Remarketing

Google Customer Match Audiences Can Now Target by Home Address and Phone Number
By Richard Aviles on December 18, 2017

Google’s Customer Match audience targeting just got even more comprehensive. Now, advertisers can remarket to known customers by phone number and mailing address in addition to the...

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AdWords E-Commerce SEM PPC Remarketing Dynamic Remarketing

AdWords Remarketing and Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns Now Expanded to Gmail
By Tony Capetola on November 10, 2017

Yesterday, Inside AdWords published a lovely reminder about some of the new innovations from Merchant Center and AdWords. My reaction went something like this: “New stuff? No ☹.” ...

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