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Topic: Digital Marketing

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Coronavirus: The Top 3 Questions Ecommerce Retailers Are Asking
By Tony Capetola on April 6, 2020

As we are approaching or basically in the "peak" of the coronavirus pandemic and spread of COVID-19 in not only our state but also our local community, we've continued to receive an...

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Get Your Ecommerce Store Holiday Ready [2019]
By Tony Capetola on August 28, 2019

While it may “only” be the end of summer, preparing your ecommerce business now for the impending insanity that is the holiday season couldn’t be more important than ever before. ...

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Google Shopping Cyber Monday Prep Part 1: Website Optimization
By Richard Aviles on October 12, 2017

In the world of e-commerce, there are a lot of moving parts. While it may be difficult to categorize which ones are more important than others, it’s critical to understand the importance...

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5 Ways Cognitive Biases Can Boost Your E-Commerce Conversions
By Melanie Grano on June 29, 2017

Some people are just plain irrational, aren’t they? But not you. Nope, you make completely logical decisions based on facts. Wrong. Unfortunately that’s your bias blind spot in action....

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Why Your Digital Advertising Plan Needs to Include Google Shopping
By Melanie Grano on June 26, 2017

Digital advertising is crucial for almost every e-commerce store. Social media and SEO will only take you so far. And they take a long time to get you there in the first place. Online...

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