Google Shopping Cyber Monday Prep Part 2: Building Brand-Based Campaigns

By Richard Aviles on Oct 20, 2017

With the busy holiday season right around the corner, it’s important to take steps to not only make sure your e-commerce store is looking its absolute best, but to also focus on how you’re advertising your product catalog.

An effective strategy to consider here would be to break out your top performing brands into their own Google Shopping campaign.

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Google AdWords Changed How Daily Budget Works

By Anthony Capetola on Oct 06, 2017

As of Wednesday October 4th, 2017, your campaigns in AdWords can spend up to twice the average daily budget that you have allotted.

The announcement was first spotted right in the AdWords interface and an official tweet from @adwords went out just after 3 PM.

Topics: AdWords PPC
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6 Ways to Cut Wasted Ad Spend in Google Shopping

By Richard Aviles on Oct 05, 2017

There are few things more frustrating than preventable waste, especially when it comes to advertising budgets.

This notion rings especially true in the realm of Google Shopping. It’s easy to lose track of a campaign and have things spiral out, but it’s just as easy to make these quick adjustments that will help you prevent wasted ad spend.

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Target & Bid VS. Bid Only: How Each Affects Your Google Shopping Campaign

By Richard Aviles on Oct 02, 2017

When it comes to adding remarketing audiences to your Google Shopping campaign, there are 2 main methods of targeting you can utilize:

  1. Target and Bid (Targeting in the new AdWords Interface)
  2. Bid Only (Observation in the new AdWords Interface)

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5 Ways to Fix Bad Conversion Tracking in Google Shopping

By Richard Aviles on Sep 26, 2017

Picture this: you’ve worked on setting up your new e-commerce store for hours and hours on end, making sure every aspect of it is perfect.

You’ve built out and optimized your Google Shopping campaigns that are picking up steam and driving lots of quality traffic to your site, but something just doesn’t add up.

Your click through rate is over 2%, you’ve got a steady stream of conversions coming in, but the conversion value reads “0.”

This is an extremely frustrating, and an all-too-common problem that many e-commerce store owners face.

Chances are, there is something wrong with your Conversion Tracking. How do you fix it? We’ll show you a few ways.

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