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Top Tips For Preparing Your Google Shopping Campaigns For Cyber Monday

By Anthony Capetola on November, 10 2016

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Anthony Capetola

Tony is the Marketing Manager at Sales & Orders heading up our inbound marketing and advertising team. His latest adventure, though? Being a dad!

November 24th to the 28th is probably one of the most significant times of the year for E-Commerce retailers. Even in that short window online stores can win big for the entire year or lose to last year’s numbers.

The Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend may still be just a couple of weeks away, but NOW is the time to start preparing your Google Shopping Campaigns.

To help you get ready this year, our team came up with not only some great tips but also some very important AdWords Filters.

Build Remarketing Campaigns

Did you know that 71% of retailers on Google Shopping are eligible to use Dynamic Remarketing? Even more surprising is that out of that only 21% are taking advantage of it. If you have yet to set up any Remarketing campaigns then now is the time to do it. Building and structuring Remarketing campaigns, especially Dynamic Remarketing and RLSA can be quite the time consuming task. In fact it’s mainly for that reason that retailers often let it fall to the waist side.

You can enable Dynamic Remarketing right from inside your Merchant Center account. Not only that but instead of having to configure your AdWords Remarketing codes you can simply tap into your already implemented Google Analytics tracking snippet. By choosing this route you can also begin building custom Audiences for both Dynamic Remarketing and RLSA.

Pro Tip: Can’t seem to find the time to do either Dynamic Remarketing or RLSA? Try starting with simple Search Remarketing and some standard banner ads and text ads.

Bid Up On Top Sellers

High priced items and top sellers in your inventory can handle much higher bids than you might give them credit for. Especially for you retailers in very competitive spaces, you’ll want to consider dialing up your Max CPC’s to ensure you don’t lose out on Impressions between now and Cyber Monday.

Shoppers are far more intelligent and savvy than they were a few years ago. Many have already started their purchase journey and you’re going to want to be there when they are searching on Google.

For your lower ticket items, however, the key is to bid intelligently. You can easily overspend in the wrong places and wind up losing where you need it the most. Factor in your costs before ad spend and understand how a certain bid could lead to waste instead of profit.

Pro Tip: Mobile PLA’s often have a much higher ROAS but require far less dollars spent per Max CPC on any given product. Though you can increase your Mobile Bid Modifiers, do so with some measure of control.

Custom Labels For Promo Items

Custom Labels in Google Shopping campaigns impose some limitations however as long as you aren’t grouping too many products together with them they can be pretty useful.

If you have a specific subset of items in your campaigns with a unique promotion then it may be time to think about separating those from the rest of the pack. It will undoubtedly help you with some added granular analysis.

At the same time, be very careful. If those same ID’s exist anywhere else and you forget to pause or exclude them you could just wind up competing with yourself. Take a quick look at your Shopping campaign Priority settings and don’t let campaigns battle it out over the same products.

Pro Tip: Custom Labels only allow for up to 1000 unique ID’s to be included as a single Product Group. You have 5 Custom Labels to work with 0-4. If need be, separate ID’s in chunks and name your groupings in a way that you can recognize easily.

Great AdWords Filters

Filtering your product groups or individual ID’s in AdWords is one of the most crucial steps in identifying positive and negative performance trends. Start out by using these now to spot any major issues before Cyber Monday. Note that these often provide better insight the more granular your campaign structure is.

Zero Impression Products: Set your Filter to ‘Impressions = 0.’ These are often a bigger deal than people realize. Chances are, there is something wrong with these products, or we should say, there is possibly something wrong in the feed. Check to make sure you don’t have feed disapprovals. You can also contact Merchant Center Support if you cannot pinpoint the issue.

Low Click-Through-Rate: Set your Filter to ‘CTR < 1%.’ Marketers often use this a lot for text ads because it can indicate when ad copy is not as appealing to the searcher. For Shopping campaigns it may require a harder look at Product Images and Pricing. If you are getting tons of Impressions yet very few clicks then you could be displaying the wrong product or not be price-competitive enough against the next guy.

Cost With No Conversions: Set your Filter to Cost > X and Conversions < 1. X would be any value you know is too much to be spending on a given product. You can even go so far as to setting it to a $1. Be a little more careful with this Filter. Just because a product ad is getting clicks and itself is not getting sales, does not mean that other products were sold as a result. But for those who are more concerned about cutting cost flat out, anything that is not converting is a good place to start.

Pro Tip: Don’t just limit yourself to Filters. Also be sure to use Segmentation in AdWords to get more detail and metrics on Devices or Time.

There Is So Much More

This is really just the start. There are many other things to factor in before the Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend. Look out for those major red flags like your Merchant Center feed going down or your campaigns falling into ‘Limited By Budget’ status.

Also do a double check on your Impression Share stats for product groups or individual ID’s. Impression Share can help you know where exactly to increase bids and where you are already capturing over 90% of the searches.

If you are running other campaign types aside from Shopping and Remarketing, be sure to look into how they are faring in conversions and ROAS. Doing some last minute budget re-allocation when its already too late can be disastrous.

Best of luck out there!

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