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The Skinny on Google's Shopping Actions and Google Express

By Tony Capetola on July, 18 2018

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Tony Capetola

SVP, Partnerships + GTM - One of the original founding members of the S&O team, Tony oversees strategic partner development and go-to-market planning for our Channel, Technology, and Agency partnerships.

So, we’ve received quite a few questions regarding two of the most interesting ways Google is looking to transform online shopping: Shopping Actions and Google Express.

Shopping Actions, officially announced in March of this year, has essentially taken the place of the now retired Purchases on Google program.

For consumers, Shopping Actions seeks to create a far more seamless purchase journey between Google Search (Shopping too!), and even through Google Assistant such as on Google Home devices.

Essentially, shoppers can leverage the various Google products and platforms to make online purchasing quicker and easier.


(Image courtesy of Google)

For retailers, Shopping Actions presents an opportunity for increased product exposure and the potential for increased sales. This is because, for retailers, Shopping Actions is directly linked to Google Express.

What is Google Express?

In a nutshell, Express is Google’s online marketplace. Some have likened to an online shopping “mall.”

Think Amazon, but not, because its Google.


Express features less than 100 retailers including big brands such as Walmart, Target, Lowes, and even major forces in the grocery space such as Stop & Shop.

Shoppers can peruse wares, create shopping lists, and purchase all in one place. It’s also connected to one’s Google account and stores helpful settings such as payment methods and previous order history.

Selling on Google Express

Google has monetized Express by employing a pay-to-play model which is vastly different than what most retailers are used to.

Express is not like Google Shopping where retailers advertise their products and thus pay (at least most commonly) a cost per click on their product ads which is all run through AdWords (soon to be Google Ads).

Instead, participating retailers are charged a category-specific commission at time of purchase, referred to more commonly as pay-per-sale model. Essentially, at time of purchase, Google levies a cut of the sale from the retailer/brand the product or products were actually purchased from.

How to get onto Google Express & Shopping Actions

*Google Express / Shopping Actions is currently only available in the US and Google has only on-boarded a handful of retailers with physical stores and warehouses.

We are currently helping retailers onboard to Shopping Actions & Google Express. Our team can assist in the submission of your interest to join these programs and help during Google’s process of vetting your business.

Click below and submit your info to us and a member of our team will reach out regarding next steps!


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