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Introducing: The New Sales & Orders Experience

By Tony Capetola on January, 14 2020

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Tony Capetola

Tony is the Chief Marketing Officer here at Sales & Orders, along with heading up the inbound and customer marketing teams, Tony also oversees partnerships and branding for our award-winning company and platform.

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of a new and more streamlined app experience - with all new features and a simplified, responsive navigation menu.

Our team has been hard at work and listening to your feedback and thank everyone for helping to make this possible.


So, without further adieu....

The New Home Screen

The S&O Home Screen is the new hub for your task and growth management, allowing you to keep track of not only your most visited tools and features, but also where you can stay on top of new opportunities to expand your reach and generate more interest in your products:

Features Include:

  • Spotlight: Stay on top of big news, feature releases, and new programs available here at Sales & Orders. Click on any Spotlight Card to learn more!
  • Frequently Visited: Quick-access your most valued tools with one click 
  • What's next: Stay on top of important channel growth opportunities and open up new channel feed and campaign features
  • Google Recommendations: We've fully integrated Google Ads' Recommendations into the Home Screen, allowing you to implement Google-suggested changes to your campaigns right from this section

You can remove panels you may no longer need and adjust the orientation of your panels by clicking on the arrow icon located in each:


The new Google Recommendations Engine taps directly into the Google Ads Recommendations Engine which provides opportunities to take Google's only suggestions for your Shopping campaigns and apply them using your Sales & Orders account:

What's next cards allow you to track your progress with your channels while also allowing you to complete tasks right from the card or learn more about a feature or integration using the 3-bar icon in next to a pending task:


Once a channel's tasks have been completed, you can remove (hide) the panel from view so you can focus on others:

In time, you'll be able to further customize your Home Screen with additional panels by adding new features, channels, and as we release completely new panel types throughout the coming years. From the home, simply select the Add Panel link to open the selection menu:


Responsive Navigation

The main navigation of the app now conforms to the new experience, allowing you to keep your navigation menu open or closed as you see fit. With the navigation open, you will be able to quickly access the various features of the app at all times.

For Smaller Screens: When working on a smaller laptop devices, the navigation may still collapse on its own at 100% zoom in your browser. Adjust your browser zoom to a minimum of 90% or until the menu stops automatically collapsing

We've also merged certain features into more appropriate areas so that you can streamline your access to key tools.

You can open and close the navigation using the 3-Bar Icon in the top left corner of the app:

The main top header includes quick access points for:

  • The Home Screen
  • Help Center Directory
  • Account Logout x2
  • Date Range Selector

  • Account Messages
  • Affiliate Network Messages - New Open BETA Feature*
  • Help Center Article Finder
  • Multi-Account Access*

Clicking on your user allows you quick access to update your personal profile and change your password:

As you connect more channels and add more features, your menu options will grow so you can quickly navigate around to perform regular tasks or reach important analytics dashboards.

We've slimmed down our menu and select features have now been integrated into more appropriate areas:

  • Margin Tool & Product Export: You will now be able to find these full-platform access only tools in the Products feature of your Sales & Orders account. To learn more about using them visit the S&O Help Center


Help Center Directory

IMPORTANT NOTE: External Resources can be accessed via our dedicated Help Center and we have also launched a new collection for DIY Guides & FAQs!

We've completely revamped the main, in-app Help Center Directory, making it easier to access all our documentation, app guides/tutorials, and FAQs. 

To access the new Directory, click on the (?) found at the top of the main navigation menu:

Using the Directory, you can expand and collapse Categories and quickly locate articles pertaining to parts of the app you are looking to learn more about:

Articles can be opened, read, and closed right from this main menu by clicking on the article after navigating to your desired category level.

Across all sections of your account, you can still access specific tutorials and guides associated with the unique tools or features found on set pages.

Use the (?) icon found at the top right corner of the app header to discover these articles. It is from here that you can also queue up a Live Chat conversation and access our External Resources:


Group Reporting

*This is being released as an Open BETA for all full access users and customers. New capabilities and options will become available over time.

From within the Products feature, you will now be able to access the Group Reporting tool which allows you to compile campaign performance breakdowns based on:

  • Brand
  • Custom Labels 0-4

The data found within this tool can be adjusted and quickly exported as a CSV file from the table menu options. To learn more about using this new feature, visit the S&O Help Center


Tag Rules

*Only available in select, Full Access Plan levels with the Advanced Modify Add-on for the Feed tool.

Checkout this Help Center Article to learn more about using the new feature

Tag Rules are a new type of Automation Rule which provides a unique way for you to better control certain aspects of your channel campaigns.

In this release, Tag Rules can be used in conjunction with your Google, Bing, and Facebook/Instagram campaigns.

For Advanced Users & Customers

Tag Rules are the latest way to control your Google Smart Shopping campaigns and Facebook/Instagram Ad Sets at the product-level using our app:

  • Facebook Dynamic Product Ads: There are no inherent, product-level controls allowed with this unique ad format. Using Tag Rules, you'll be able to control and customize which of your products are both added and removed from campaigns and ad sets 
  • Google Smart Shopping Campaigns: Add and/or Remove products based on KPIs such as Zero Impressions, Zero Conversions, and more by adapting your existing Campaign Manager Filters or by creating entirely new, customized Filters for Tag Rules.


Updated Products UI

The Products feature of the app stores the cache of your product feed in Google Merchant Center and is also where you can access product-level reporting dashboards.

We've spruced up the look and feel of this feature quite a bit, including the appearance of the flyout menu when you click on a product in the list.

You'll now see a quick glance of product data broken down by your connected channels:

When accessing an individual product reporting dashboard, we've enhanced the experience with a more refined navigation and additional ways to adjust certain reporting views.

This includes the ability to run a performance chart against all or only one channel for a given product:


Google Merchant Center Shipping: Full Feature

You can set up full scope Shipping rules for Google Merchant Center right from your account - including complex rate tables and filters for various Merchant Center Programs.

Because your account is synced with Merchant Center, changes, edits, and new configurations are updated immediately upon saving your settings. 

To learn more about how to use the new Merchant Center Shipping UI, visit this Help Center collection


When adding a new Shipping configuration, you'll now have access to a entirely new UI for setting them up:

Delivery, Transit, and Holiday settings will open up after you select a Service area:

Complex Shipping rules such as Carrier rates and weight tables can be added and adjusted as needed:


Facebook Product Filtering

The new Products tool within Facebook Campaign Manager allows you to generate filtered performance reports at the product level from your Facebook campaigns:

To build a report:

  • Select a Camaign
  • OPTIONAL: Select a specific Ad Set to only view that unique segment

By not applying a Filter your breakdown will automatically be generated for all products in the lower table:

To build a Filter:

  • Select a primary attribute
  • Select your operator (ie "Greater Than")
  • Input or select your value
  • Click Add Filter

You can also Edit  Filters and apply additional attributes and/or Save Filters for later use:

Once a Filter is applied, the data in the table will update within a few moments to reflect your set criteria.

This data can be exported, and you can also expand what metrics are viewed in the table:


Filter & Export Icons

We've upgraded our icons to a new standardized format for tables in the app that allow for either or both Filters for column value headers and/or Export functions:


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