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The New Google Shopping Homepage is Live in the US

By Tony Capetola on July, 22 2019

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Tony Capetola

Tony is the Chief Marketing Officer here at Sales & Orders, along with heading up the inbound and customer marketings teams, Tony also oversees partnerships and branding for our award-winning company and platform.

It is here!

Just a few days ago Google launched its new Shopping homepage in the US - something they had announced at Marketing Live this year.

It's a super nice, clean - but albeit somewhat overwhelming face lift to its basic search field. The new homepage feels much like an amalgamation between the search engine and Google Express.

It is only available when you are logged into your Google account:

if you aren't logged in, you'll be getting the basic search bar:

However, the search function on either basically works the same way on both - with just one slight difference when logged in using the new Shopping homepage as you'll see an additional filter for "Buy with Google".

The comparison engine side of Google is still there, relatively unchanged.

What's different?

The new Google Shopping homepage really acts as a curator of sorts, giving shoppers a unique way to source goods based on select categories, special deals, and even incorporates your search history and behavior to showcase products you may have been searching for previously.

For example I got hit with headphones:

Further down I find other curated categories such as trending products and specialty sales with occasional call-outs like this summertime banner:

You can also filter by a particular store - much like how Express functions:

Emphasis: Checkout with Google

This is where the new Google Shopping experience shines a bit brighter. The items curated here are all (at least as far as I was able to find) funneling to a Google-hosted cart and checkout:

At least, the emphasis is put on this seamless checkout with a universal shopping cart. Shoppers do have an option to "visit site" when you click More buying options, although the retailers listed there are well below-the-fold.

The push really is for checking out with Google, and why not? These products are backed by the Buy with Google guarantee.

What happened to Express?

It's still there!

The belief leading up to and after Google Marketing Live was that Google Express was going away, or at least it would be merged with the new Google Shopping experience.

Doesn't look like that has happened yet, but the Google Shopping homepage is definitely tied into that very same model. You can tell by the obvious "mimicry" in elements such as the Buy with Google tag and the universal cart/checkout.

The stores listed in Google Shopping are also the same stores listed on Express.


I had added a product to my cart in Google Shopping, and it also appears in my Express account:

It'll be exciting to see how Google evolves to potentially marry these two together even further.

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