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The 2017 US Black Friday Google Shopping Analysis Snapshot

By Richard Aviles on November, 28 2017

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Richard Aviles

Content Marketer at Sales & Orders.

Bethpage, NY - Sales & Orders has released its official analysis of Black Friday 2017, revealing some interesting trends across Google Shopping that have continued to develop over the course of the year. 

The report details substantial growth in consumer interaction with Google Shopping listings, as well as retailer willingness to spend more aggressively to drive more traffic to their e-commerce sites. 

In addition, traffic and conversions coming from tablets continues to rise as cosumers appear to be getting more and more confident in Google Shopping.

Interestingly enough, the largest growth in return on ad spend is in tablets. E-commerce retailers saw a growth in their returns of 14%, yet another indication that they should be strategizing for tablets in Google Shopping if they aren't doing so already. 

Some other major insights include:

More Traffic = More Sales

  • 54% increase in impressions
  • 41% increase in clicks
  • 74% increase in conversions

Mobile is Becoming the Device of Choice for Google Shopping

  • 72% increase in clicks from mobile
  • 34% increase in search impression share on mobile
  • 8% increase in conversions from mobile

Tablets Are Getting More Popular

  • 71% increase in clicks from tablets
  • 59% increase in click-through-rate on tablets
  • 14% increase in return on ad spend in tablets

Read the Full 2017 Black Friday Google Shopping Growth Analysis Report Here.

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