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Tony Capetola

Tony is the Chief Marketing Officer here at Sales & Orders, along with heading up the inbound and customer marketing teams, Tony also oversees partnerships and branding for our award-winning company and platform.

We're extremely excited to announce that through our newly launched Comparison Shopping Service, PriceJoy®, we are now an Official Google CSS Partner.

By leveraging PriceJoy®, both EU-based and EU-targeting retailers can now list their products in the new, dedicated positions for Comparison Shopping Services on Google Shopping.

As a result of the European Commission's suit, Google was forced to completely alter how Google Shopping works in EU countries including:

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Now, Google must give up half of its search results to Comparison Shopping services. In essence, there are now 2 completely different auctions for Google Shopping in the EU:

  • Standalone Advertisers: Those who manage and operate their Shopping campaigns through Google Ads
  • Comparison Shopping Services: Retailers can list their products on Comparison Shopping websites and advertising is typically handled through the CSS Partner

In hearing the frustrations from EU retailers starting to see impressions go down and averages costs rise, we built PriceJoy® so merchants can begin taking back those "lost" ad positions on Google Shopping.

It is important to note that CSS Partners operate their own unique models as far as how retailers would actually leverage the opportunity.

However, unlike any other CSS Partner, PriceJoy® is a fully turnkey, end-to-end solution which supports merchants on any E-Commerce platform / provider.

As a fully-managed solution, our merchants have the benefit of our award-winning Management Software for Google Shopping powering their CSS Shopping campaigns. This all backed and overseen by our top-most experts here at Sales & Orders.

If you'd like to learn more about selling on PriceJoy®, contact our team today!


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