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Grow Your Ecommerce Business With Snapchat and Sales & Orders
By Tony Capetola on January 7, 2021

We are incredibly proud and honored to be partnering up with Snapchat in the new year to help ecommerce business owners take on 2021 by storm.

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Google Shopping Shopping Actions Surfaces across Google Buy on Google Google Free Product Listings

Google's Free Product Listings, Buy on Google Programs Officially Named
By Tony Capetola on December 18, 2020

What were once named Surfaces across Google and Shopping Actions, respectively, have now been given their new official distinctions in Google Merchant Center.

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Google Shopping Google Merchant Center Shopping Actions Surfaces across Google Buy on Google

Google Merchant Center Releases Custom Dashboards and Reports Builder
By Tony Capetola on December 2, 2020

Google has rolled out a custom dashboard and report builder tool directly within Merchant Center providing merchants and advertisers with a new way to generate additional product...

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E-Commerce ecommerce Social Media Marketing S-Commerce

Why Ecommerce Merchants Should Ride the Social Commerce Wave
By Tony Capetola on November 16, 2020

Social Commerce or S-Commerce has proven itself to be a driving force for reaching more shoppers in non-intent-driven ways, and to boot - properly handled it can be highly lucrative.

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E-Commerce ecommerce Fulfillment

Why You Should Be Providing 2-Day Delivery & How To Do It
By Rachel Go on November 9, 2020

Gone are the days when ordering a book from your sofa and having it arrive on your doorstep in five days was cause for awe. 

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