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Sales & Orders Now Supports Enhancing Catalogs for Facebook Shops
By Tony Capetola on October 5, 2020

We’re incredibly excited to announce that with our Feed Tool you can now enhance your catalog to create a better experience for your customers on Facebook and Instagram.

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Google Shopping Surfaces across Google

Free Listings on Google Shopping Going Global
By Tony Capetola on October 1, 2020

Google just announced that Free Product listings, which can currently be found on the Shopping tab of Google only in the US, will be expanding globally as early as mid October 2020.

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Google Shopping Google Ads

Boost Traffic & Sales With In-Market Audiences for Google Shopping Campaigns
By Tony Capetola on September 23, 2020

Tried, tested, and stamped with our approval - we've dispelled some of the speculation about Google Ads In-Market Audiences for optimizing your Google Shopping campaigns.

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Google Shopping Shopping Actions Buy on Google

Buy on Google (Shopping Actions) Slowly Opening Up for Merchants
By Tony Capetola on September 18, 2020

Over the past few days, US-based merchants who were and weren't already selling through Google Shopping Actions (now Buy on Google) have gotten the green light for zero commission fees.

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Facebook Ads Facebook Shops Instagram Shops Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads: How to Get Started
By Tony Capetola on September 16, 2020

There are quite a few "moving parts" to jump starting your way to success with Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, but the benefits are very much worth the work you put into it.

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