Social Commerce: 8 Benefits for Your Business

By David Oragui on Mar 21, 2018

Shopping has always been an inherently social activity, and traditional e-commerce took the charm away.

But even the internet couldn’t stop people from bringing their friends with them to shop online.

And this is where social commerce comes in.

So, what exactly is social commerce? And why should you care?

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How MAP Policies Can Affect Your Pricing Strategy - and Your Business

By Matt Duczeminski on Mar 16, 2018


There’s no denying that your pricing strategies have a major impact on the overall success of your company.

For one thing, the price at which you offer your products is one of the determining factors as to whether or not consumers will actually do business with your company. As marketing consultant agency Stax Inc. found by surveying over 40,000 consumers, product pricing ranks among the top three factors considered when making a purchase for about half of the population - and is the most important factor for nearly 20% of consumers.

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Cross-selling to Get Even More Value From Customers

By Matt Duczeminski on Mar 09, 2018

A few months ago, we talked about the importance of implementing upselling tactics into your ever-evolving sales playbook.

In that article, we briefly mentioned another tactic that is often discussed right alongside upselling:


While we didn’t get too deep into discussing cross-selling in our previous post, we promised that we’d get to doing so in the near future.

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What You Need to Know to Crush it with Facebook Messenger

By Pete Boyle on Mar 05, 2018

What your customers want, and expect, from you has changed.

Spend any time researching ecommerce online and you’ll invariably come up against the same tired tactics with a new spin.

We still depend so heavily on a one way method of communication. We aggressively throw ads on social media, use popups on landing pages, and send emails at users in an attempt to get them to convert.

But customer expectation is changing.

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6 Product Landing Page Optimization Tips for Higher Conversion Rates

By Richard Aviles on Mar 01, 2018

In today’s hyper competitive e-commerce environment, it’s no surprise that there are more searches in Google related to Conversion Rate Optimization than ever before.

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