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Ask an E-Commerce Specialist About Coronavirus:  Episode #1
By Tony Capetola on April 8, 2020

The other day I had the absolute pleasure of hosting our first in the line of our AMA series with my colleague and dear friend Julie, Supervisor to our Managed Services team here at...

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Coronavirus: The Top 3 Questions Ecommerce Retailers Are Asking
By Tony Capetola on April 6, 2020

As we are approaching or basically in the "peak" of the coronavirus pandemic and spread of COVID-19 in not only our state but also our local community, we've continued to receive an...

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How to Leverage Psychographic Marketing for Your eCommerce Store
By Nikole Wintermeier on March 25, 2020

As an eCommerce marketer, you’re tracking behavioral and transactional data.  You’ve done your market research. Checked out what your competitors are doing. Carried out customer...

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Behavioral Targeting Tactics to Improve Ecommerce Engagement and Sales
By Matt Duczeminski on March 20, 2020

When setting out to create a new marketing campaign, the most important question should always be: Who are you targeting?

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Ecommerce SEO Strategies: Keyword Research & Optimizing Product Pages
By Tony Capetola on March 19, 2020

Competition is hot in the ecommerce world. There seems to be a new store opening its virtual doors every single day and there has never been more choice for consumers.  So how do you...

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