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Last Week in Google AdWords: Google Optimize, Google Surveys 360, The New AdWords Experience

By Anthony Capetola on May, 31 2017

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Anthony Capetola

Tony is the Marketing Manager at Sales & Orders heading up our inbound marketing and advertising team. His latest adventure, though? Being a dad!

We are approaching the end of May 2017 and with just one month left in the quarter, Google has already launched a number of exciting programs and updates for Google AdWords.

Here’s the rundown:

Google Optimize

The once uncontended king of A/B Testing, Optimizely, now has its biggest competition in the native AdWords and Analytics integrated Google Optimize.

While still in the early days of the full release out of beta, Optimize has already picked up speed and a number of advertisers are voicing their praise for the product.

Our friends at wrote up a fantastic side-by-side comparison of Google Optimize to Optimizely.

We have also begun some testing of ourselves using Google Optimize. It is an interesting hybrid product and those familiar with other Google products such as Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics should have little to no hardship with the slight learning curve.


Anyone used to other A/B testing platforms may find Google’s crisp UI and native integrations for AdWords and Analytics to be far superior.

Google Surveys 360

The enterprise counterpart to the free version, Google Surveys 360 is the only version with the native integration to AdWords.

If you are an enterprise Analytics user then you can now access Surveys 360 for the AdWords integration. Using this product, advertisers can target surveys to their remarketing audiences. This can help marketers gain valuable user experience data with regards to ads and landing pages.

The New AdWords Experience

A fancy, new UI with a few bugs and a substantial learning curve. That’s the New AdWords Experience, and we love the new look and feel.


More and more advertisers are gaining access to this new AdWords and a full rollout is expected by end of 2017. Several of our honored retailers’ AdWords accounts (and our very own as well) got access as of last week.

What can we say if you have it? Just as with any new software or major update, there is a learning curve to be aware of. AdWords veterans may find themselves switching right back to the comfort of “old” AdWords.

Our team is working with the New AdWords Experience and we will be providing updates and analyses in the near future.

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