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Last Month in Google Shopping

By Tony Capetola on May, 8 2017

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Tony Capetola

SVP, Partnerships + GTM - One of the original founding members of the S&O team, Tony oversees strategic partner development and go-to-market planning for our Channel, Technology, and Agency partnerships.

Google, as we all should come to expect, has continued to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of the E-Commerce industry. Some may not even realize how young Google Shopping truly is. While not necessarily in its infancy, Shopping could be in the toddler stage of search engine marketing initiatives.

And so, yet another month has passed and we are well into Q2 2017. What’s happened so far in Google Shopping? Here’s the scoop.

Google Customer Reviews

The first week of April 2017 brought the official announcement that the longstanding Google Trusted Stores program was replaced by Google Customer Reviews.

Customer Reviews act in a 2-fold manner. One, by allowing retailers to collect optional reviews directly on their website. Two, by giving retailers the ability (with a little snippet of code) to display the Google Customer Reviews badge on their website.

Customer Reviews are said to contribute to seller ratings (gold stars) which can appear in Shopping Ads.


This move established a meaningful change for retailers already using or looking to get involved with Google Shopping. Trusted Stores added a bit too much complexity, offered little to retailers, and was more geared towards providing purchase protection to shoppers.

Google Customer Reviews, while being far more inclusive and easier to implement, could provide residual CTR (Click-Through-Rate) benefits. This, of course, only if retailers begin to take advantage of Customer Reviews, and only if shoppers opt in to leave reviews.

One Login, Multiple Merchant Center Accounts

Originally reported by Search Engine Land’s paid media reporter Ginny Marvin, Merchant Center users can now use one (and the same) email to log into multiple accounts.


While not the most dazzling of changes, this does offer up some easy-of-use for feed managers, marketers, and agencies. Now, instead of needing multiple emails ready to connect to a retailer’s Merchant Center account, admins can use the same email throughout, regardless of how many feeds they manage or oversee.

GDN Expansion Test for Google Shopping

On April 13th, AdWords managers and API users were informed of a new test for select accounts utilizing Google Shopping.

Advertisers and retailers selected for the pilot will be allowed to expand their Shopping campaign reach to the Google Display Network. The option will be listed in the Shopping settings (advanced) section of campaign setup and settings.

6 of our honored retailers were selected for the pilot which is aimed at expanding their Shopping campaign reach, but only on specific GDN placements in the premium fashion and home decor sectors.

For those who wish to test, it is still unclear on how ads will appear and in what format.


What We're Looking Forward To

So aside from some of last month's major and minor updates to Google Shopping, our team is most excited about the New AdWords Experience. While we did get a sneak peek at some of the changes, we have yet to see an account currently active in (what is believed to be) the very gated Alpha.

How does this relate to Google Shopping? Well...

Google has invested in major updates to how Shopping ads are displayed on Mobile devices such as with Showcase Shopping Ads which only appear on mobile, and only when using overly broad search queries, and only for select AdWords accounts with access to the New AdWords Experience. 

These Shopping Ads display a carousel which, when clicked, take shoppers to the Shopping tab. Even newer to that are Brand Showcase Shopping Ads (which hardly can be considered Shopping Ads at all) which, when clicked, open results for products only from that specific retailer.

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