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Google Shopping Pro Optimization Tip: Building a Top Performers Campaign

By Richard Aviles on February, 28 2018

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Richard Aviles

Content Marketer at Sales & Orders.

Effective Google Shopping strategy doesn't necessarily need to be overly complicated.

In our latest video, Marketing Manager Tony Capetola details a very simple optimization technique that can drive up your top line revenue, and help you make more sales.

By separating your top performing products into their own campaign, you'll grant yourself an even higher level of control over their success.

E-Commerce retailers on Google Shopping can benefit from building a top performering products campaigns by:

  • Allocating a dedicated budget to products you know already perform well in Google Shopping
  • Allowing you to dig deeper and further optimize these products to help them perform even better 
  • Opens up opportunities for other products to also perform well in your original campaign

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