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In Case You Missed It: Google Merchant Center Product Feed Specifications Was Redesigned

By Tony Capetola on October, 27 2016

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Tony Capetola

Tony is the Chief Marketing Officer here at Sales & Orders, along with heading up the inbound and customer marketings teams, Tony also oversees partnerships and branding for our award-winning company and platform.

On the heels of many of the major changes to Google Merchant Center this year, including a major UI facelift back in August, a new format for Product Feed Specifications articles launched on October 24th.

The update made the Product Feed Specification help center a lot easier to both navigate and peruse.

Here are some top highlights:

Improved Navigation: Detailed Pages

Along the right hand side of the page is a new navigation bar that vastly improved the way you can navigate to each individual attribute’s detailed page. Each page has also gotten some much needed added detail such as Best Practice guidelines for images, WITH IMAGES!


No More Expanding

If you remember the older version at all you may be quite pleased that Google did away with all that messy expanding of each attribute’s information. Tying into the above, they replaced the expanding and contracting sections in favor of the individualized pages.

On the main page itself you can still cycle through each attribute which provides enough detail to get the basic picture on requirements and examples while also being able to get into more detail with the side navigation menu.


Bottom Line: Loving It

We are totally digging the new look and navigation. It was a much needed update that streamlined everything about reviewing Product Feed Specifications.

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