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Google Merchant Center Bug Alert: Feed Disapprovals & Shutdowns

By Anthony Capetola on May, 11 2017

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Anthony Capetola

Tony is the Marketing Manager at Sales & Orders heading up our inbound marketing and advertising team. His latest adventure, though? Being a dad!

Originally reported by Feedonomics, we are now tracking a major bug in Google Merchant Center which is forcing product and feed disapprovals across multiple retailer accounts across the globe.

Retailers from the US, UK, AU, and Canada have all reported the same issue wherein Google Merchant Center is reporting an “Unexpected image processing error.”


The most recent update received from our friends at Feedonomics:

“From Google: Affected items, that is items that have been incorrectly disapproved for “Unexpected image processing error”, should be re-approved by mid-afternoon UK time tomorrow 10th May. Note however that many items will be fixed much sooner than this. No action is needed from Merchants at this time.”

While this was originally stated to them by Google Merchant Center Support, our team started tracking the issue and found that it has yet to be resolved. No action can be taken by Merchant’s at this time. We have been informed that the bug is currently being investigated further and a fix is on it’s way.

UPDATE: 4:07PM EST 5/11/2017

After communicating with Google Merchant Center Support staff we have been informed that while they are working tirelessly to resolve the error, no projection on timeframe for the fix could be made. Our team is tracking the error throughout a number of account and are continuing to speak with Merchant Center technicians regularly until a further announcement has been made.

UPDATE: 9:48AM EST 5/12/2017

After speaking with Google Merchant Center support we have confirmed that the bug has been resolved. We have already begun to see corrections in feeds across multiple retailers. While we have received this confirmation, we are also closely monitoring Merchant Center accounts in the event the error reappears. 

No official written confirmation has been delivered by Google, however we are remaining in close communication with their Merchant Center supporty team.

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