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Goodbye Google Express, Hello The New Google Shopping Experience

By Tony Capetola on May, 14 2019

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Tony Capetola

Tony is the Chief Marketing Officer here at Sales & Orders, along with heading up the inbound and customer marketings teams, Tony also oversees partnerships and branding for our award-winning company and platform.

“I am excited to share three new Shopping announcements, with you all here, today.”

This was the true opener from Oliver Heckmann, VP of Travel and Shopping at Google, for with it came some very exciting news for retailers.

There has been much speculation as to what Google Marketing Live was to bring as it pertains to the retail landscape. Would Google Express be rebranded to Google Shopping? What was to happen to Shopping Ads as a format?

Well, at about 1 hour and 20 minutes into the event, we got those answers. At least, some of those answers, shall we say.

The New Google Shopping Experience

Originally launched in India, and then France, the new Google Shopping home page experience will make its way to the US in the coming months. Presently, Shopping acts merely as a Comparison Search Engine, but now Google is introducing a far more personalized experience for shoppers.

This is where all the vague news of Google Express “rebranding” to Google Shopping really comes to light as Google is “merging the best of Google Express with Google Shopping”.

Not to be confused with “Shopping Ads” anymore, Google Shopping is taking on a different experience altogether, governed primarily by Google’s Shopping Actions program.

In tandem with the launch of the new Google Shopping experience, retailers who participate in Shopping Actions will also be able to leverage additional surfaces on Google to attract and acquire more customers.

This first included only Google Search and the Google Assistant, but will soon branch out to YouTube and Google Images and will further incorporate local, in-store purchasing as well.

Most exciting for shoppers is the seemingly "reintroduction of purchases on Google" wherein Google Shopping will offer an far more seamless checkout experience directly on Google, and which will carry the benefits of some guarantees courtesy of Google.

Showcase Shopping Ads: Expansion to More Surfaces

The unique ad format that incorporates imagery and video into the Shopping Ad experience, Showcase Shopping Ads are a great way for brands to connect with shoppers at a deeper level on mobile devices.

At first this was limited to Google search:

But now, as part of the announcements made at Google Marketing Live, Showcase Shopping Ads will soon launch across Google Images, YouTube, and even Discover.

Showcase Shopping Ads are currently available and can be accessed in the new Google Ads interface.

Shopping Campaigns with Partners

Brands and retailers can now “join forces” to improve the reach and visibility of products through an entirely new program.

unnamed(Image courtesy of Google)

Shopping Campaigns with Partners aims to allow retailers to accept additional budget from manufacturers to better promote select product lines on Google.

Retailers will need to submit interest for the beta via a specific form.

For the merchant, Shopping Campaigns with Partners, can help drive growth through:

  • Improved campaign performance through mutual budget cooperation
  • Shared reporting and analytics with manufacturers
  • Increased scale by connecting with brand partners

This is a very interesting concept, and something that will likely grow and change over time.

Manufacturers / Brands will need to have their Google Manufacturer Accounts set up and configured before opting into the program.

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