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Sales & Orders Integrates with Free and Fast Annotations on Google Shopping Ads in the US

By Tony Capetola on July, 15 2020

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Tony Capetola

Tony is the VP of Marketing here at Sales & Orders, along with heading up the inbound and customer marketing teams, Tony also oversees partnerships and branding for our award-winning company and platform.

Through our award-winning platform's integration, ecommerce retailers based in the US can now gain access to Google's new free and fast annotations for Shopping ads.

Free and fast annotations for Shopping ads brings to US merchants an entirely new and exciting opportunity to enhance the visibility of their product Ads on Google and is likely to help store owners drive more conversions and ads efficiency.

Throughout part of 2019 and now into 2020, we were a pilot partner to enable merchants on this new opportunity which has just exited its Closed Beta Testing phase.

So, what exactly is free and fast annotations for Shopping ads?

Shoppers today have incredibly high expectations, and that is surely not to change in the near or even distant future.

According to a Walker Sands study back in 2018, 79% of US consumers had said that free shipping would make them more likely to shop online.

To put that even more into perspective, a similar study issued by Narvar saw that 53% of those consumers won't even purchase a product if they don't know when it will arrive.

Free and fast annotations for Shopping ads aims to solve for the pain points of both merchants and consumers with special annotations for these Shopping ad units on Google search which highlight not only free shipping on products but also expected delivery and/or arrival times:

free and fast annotations google shopping ads

Merchants in the US could see improved conversion rates and ads efficiency as a result of adding free and fast annotations to their Shopping ads.

Especially in these trying times of the coronavirus pandemic and continued spread of COVID-19 in the US, free and fast annotations for Shopping ads is also an opportunity for merchants to provide more information to shoppers in a way that can have a lasting impact on consumer confidence.

How can you gain access to free and fast annotations for Shopping ads?

We’ve been incredibly honored to have been one of the few pilot partners to help merchants onboard to free and fast annotations.

What's more, the eligibility requirements for merchants are simple and very few at that:

      1. An active Merchant Center account with products opted into Shopping ads in the United States
      2. Active web conversion tracking in your Google Ads account
      3. Active products in your Merchant Center account which you can identify as free and fast
      4. Account-level shipping settings configured for free and fast
      5. Product feed attributes shipping_label and Transit_time_label
      6. Product landing or detail pages and checkout pages to message free and fast shipping

Even better, there is a high level of flexibility to show this badge:

      1. No limitations on providers (ie you can ship with FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.)
      2. You can limit your own free and fast annotations by region (ie by State)
      3. You can have free and fast annotations apply only to specific SKUs in your product feed

For anyone on BigCommerce, Shopify, or Magento 2 - you can leverage our app to produce a feed for free for up to 10,000 products:

Additionally, we can support merchants on just about any e-commerce platform as long as they can generate a feed from their store:

  • Sign up Here
  • Allowed Feed Formats Include:
    • Files and URLs (CSV, TXT, XML, Google Sheets)

OR, if you already have a feed running in Merchant Center, you can gain access to our platform as well:

How do we help you get set up and approved?

General Info

We'd like to note that the average time to complete your free and fast annotations for Shopping ads setup is around one full week so it is important that we first start with a review of your shipping options, checkout experience, and shipping rules in Merchant Center.

During our initial discovery call and subsequent review, our specialists will handle setting up the necessary requirements for Google to begin reviewing your account for approval.

Should a review come back as initially "disapproved," we then work to isolate why and assist in making any necessary changes before resubmitting for additional review.

Free and fast annotations for existing S&O users and customers

If you wish to have our team explore your potential eligibility for free and fast annotations for Shopping ads, please contact your direct Account Manager via email or request a discovery call via Live Chat while logged into your Sales & orders account:

free and fast google shopping ads

For merchants not working with us

At this time we can only assist in on boarding store owners who have an active Sales & Orders account with an approved feed in Merchant Center.

Note that if you plan on getting free and fast annotations setup for your Shopping ads on your own, please visit the Google Merchant Center Help Center article for the free and fast shipping annotations and submit the form for approval.


If you wish to learn more about working with us for free and fast annotations, please follow the link below to book a complimentary demonstration of our app and overview of our services:




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