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Buy on Google (Shopping Actions) Slowly Opening Up for Merchants

By Tony Capetola on September, 18 2020

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Tony Capetola

Tony is the Chief Marketing Officer here at Sales & Orders, along with heading up the inbound and customer marketing teams, Tony also oversees partnerships and branding for our award-winning company and platform.

Over the past few days, US-based merchants who were and weren't already selling through Google Shopping Actions (now Buy on Google) have gotten the green light for zero commission fees.

On July 21st 2020, just days before we announced our integration with Buy on Google (Shopping Actions), Google announced that the program would soon go commission free for eligible merchants in the United States.

As of that announcement, the program found in Google Merchant Center was also closed off to new merchant onboarding - those who wanted to join the program for the first time would have to complete a form in Merchant Center to be added to a waitlist.

Buy on Google Shopping Actions Notice

In the past week or so, both merchants new to the program and those who had already been selling through Shopping Actions have begun receiving their invitations to start selling under the new zero commissions model.

Wait-Listed Merchants for Buy on Google (Shopping Actions)

For some of those who completed the Interest Form in Merchant Center and were added to the waitlist, emails sent by Google invite them to complete their setup to get started on the new model:

Buy on Google Shopping Actions Invite

With an approved feed for Buy on Google (Shopping Actions), and all the appropriate configurations, eligible net new merchants will be able to list products on Google's native Shopping solution.

Unlike Shopping Ads, this program is purely an Orders solution for merchants - by working with an approved Partner such as us here at Sales & Orders, merchants whose sites are built on either BigCommerce or Shopify can benefit from seamless, fully automated order syncing between Merchant Center and their store.

Existing Buy on Google (Shopping Actions) Merchants

Select few merchants who were already selling through Shopping Actions and now Buy on Google have begun to receive their "invite" to the zero commission model which reads:

Hi [Merchant Name],

We recently announced that our Shopping Actions program is moving towards a new model where US-based merchants no longer pay a commission to Google and can use their own payment providers, starting with PayPal and Shopify (learn more in our help center).

Starting today, you can take advantage of zero Google commission fees.

Here are a few things to note:

    • Funds from transactions that occur on Google will appear directly in your PayPal account rather than be disbursed to your bank account. You may see 'Wait, don't ship yet' in transaction details on the PayPal user interface after you get an order. Please disregard this message. You should continue to ship orders within 3 days of your handling time. Buyers are not charged until their orders ship.
  • You are in charge of customer support and processing returns. If you chose to use merchant managed returns, be sure to opt into return notifications to be alerted of new returns.

If you are wondering about the reference to PayPal, that's because with the shift in the model Google has partnered up with select 3rd party payment processors.

The only two partnerships that were announced in the earliest rollout were PayPal and Shopify Payments - although from what we've seen thus far PayPal has been the only solution provider chosen by merchants we support on our platform.

What Changed With Buy on Google (Shopping Actions)

As a quick refresher, here's a quick rundown of the distinct changes that came along with the roll out of the zero commission fees for Shopping Actions (Buy on Google):

  • Payment Providers: You now MUST connect your chosen payments service provider in Merchant Center to be eligible to sell on Google
  • Customer Support: Merchants will now be wholly responsible (though facilitated through Google) for providing support to buyers. Google has kept the protections it affords to consumers through Buy on Google (Shopping Actions). So, if your buyers aren't satisfied with the support you provide, they can file a Google Guarantee claim that will be handled by Google customer support.
  • Returns: Merchants may choose to have Google handle the generation of Return Labels OR do so themselves:
    • Google generated Return Labels will require that you sync your Merchant Center with your chosen shipping provider. You will be billed through your shipping provider while Google handles labels automatically.
    • Should you choose to handle Return Labels on your own then note that a return request will be processed through Merchant Center to which you must apply the label.

Another important thing to note is that Google DID NOT do away with Retailer Standards, the way by which you are graded on your "performance" for Buy on Google (Shopping Actions).

Shopping Actions Retailer Standards

Although now with zero commission fees, poor Retailer Standards will have no impact on your commission percentage. 

However, by NOT adhering to best practices you run the very real risk of getting tossed from the Buy on Google (Shopping Actions) program.

An oldie, but still applicable (simply ignore anything regarding commissions) - check out our guide on Shopping Actions Retailer Standards to learn more and to keep your score top notch.

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