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South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc.: What Does the Supreme Court Ruling Mean for Ecommerce?

By Matt Duczeminski on Jun 28, 2018

By now, you’ve probably heard that the Supreme Court ruled last week (June 21, 2018) to allow individual states to require that ecommerce retailers begin collecting sales tax on sales made within state lines.

(If that’s a bit confusing, it’s because there’s a lot to unpack, here. Don’t worry, we’ll clarify everything throughout this article.)

But first, let’s go over exactly what happened within the Supreme Court’s walls, as well as what all led up to the decision in the first place.

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How to Write the Perfect Abandoned Cart Email

By Matt Duczeminski on Jun 08, 2018


Cart abandonment.

For ecommerce business owners, those two words rank higher than the boogeyman and that dream where you’re naked in 4th period English in terms of things that keep you up at night.

Unfortunately, unlike those other two nightmares, cart abandonment is all too real - and all too prevalent.

According to research conducted by the Baymard Institute, the overall cart abandonment rate for online stores is a whopping 69.23%. In other words, for every ten online shoppers that load up their virtual shopping cart, less than three of them actually end up going through with their purchase.

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Getting Started With Google Shopping Ads to Sell Products Online

By Matt Duczeminski on May 09, 2018

It’s no secret that ranking highly on Google is a key method for gaining visibility for your company - no matter what industry you operate in.

For ecommerce companies that, by nature, operate completely online, ranking highly on Google is absolutely essential.

But there’s more to it than simply ranking high on Google for search terms related to your brand’s products; for an ecommerce company to be truly successful, it needs to rank highly for terms used by individuals who are currently in “buying mode.”

This is where Google Shopping ads come into play.

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Get More Snapchat Followers With These Easy Steps [2018]

By Matt Duczeminski on Apr 26, 2018

When it comes to Snapchat, there are generally two types of people:

Those who are completely obsessed with it, and those who have absolutely no idea what all the fuss is about.

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Preparing Your Ecommerce Company for GDPR Compliance

By Matt Duczeminski on Apr 20, 2018

In January 2012, the European Union began creating what is now known as the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR.

Aimed at ensuring the security of personal data for all citizens of countries within the European Union (and elsewhere), the GDPR will officially become the law of the land on May 25, 2018 for companies operating within all EU member states. Additionally, companies around the world will be required to adhere to GDPR regulations when engaging in business relations with individuals or entities within EU member states.

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