John Sciacchitano

As a Customer Success Team Leader here at Sales & Orders, John oversees one of our teams of Google Shopping Specialists. When he's not glued to AdWords you can find him camping, fishing, and hanging out with his dog Isaac.

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How To Get Visibility For Zero Impression Products In Google Shopping Campaigns

By John Sciacchitano on Jul 03, 2017

When you run a Google Shopping campaign with a large inventory of products on the ID level, it is standard that a sizable percentage of your products will not get impressions. There are a few reasons that this could happen:

  1. Your product titles are terrible and not searchable.
  2. Your bid is too low.
  3. Your product is disapproved in Merchant Center.
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2 Google Shopping Product Feed Optimization Tips For Increasing Exposure

By John Sciacchitano on May 11, 2017

Optimization of Google Shopping campaigns comes down to more than just bid changes and other adjustments you can make in AdWords. The quality of your Product Feed will also play a huge role in the visibility of your products, as well as the relevancy of your products to the search queries used by potential customers.

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How To Use Search Query Research To Optimize Your Google Shopping Campaigns

By John Sciacchitano on Apr 21, 2017

Everyone can agree that limiting wasted ad spend is an imperative practice when it comes to running a successful Google Shopping campaign. There are many different strategies that can be used to ensure that ad spend is being spent efficiently, one of which being search query research and optimization.

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