ALERT: Google Merchant Center Experiencing Technical Issue for Product Feed Processing

Jan 04, 2018


Our team has been made aware of a technical issue Google is experiencing for Product Feed update processing in Merchant Center.

As of the time of this first posting, Google has stated that they are unable to process updates to feeds for use in Google Shopping.

On the broad spectrum, we believe this to include:

  • Manual Feed Updates
  • Automatic Updates
  • New Feed Processing

Members of our support team are in direct communication with Google staff and we will be providing updates regarding timelines for resolution.

Upon resolution we will also post additional updates.

No explicit timeline has been provided to us as of yet.

[UPDATE] 5:18PM EST 1/4/2018

We are continuing to track this very same technical issue which seems to have escalated to a more severe occurrence.

As of now, Merchant Center accounts are either completely down or certain aspects of Merchant Center are not functioning, including but not limited to:

  • Product Lists
  • Diagnostics 
  • Home Interface

As far as we have been able to discern, this is NOT affecting Shopping campaigns themselves. It is possible that this is a front-end (UI) error in Merchant Center.

Retailers logging into their Merchant Center accounts will be met with an 'Oops, something went wrong' message.

Our team is in direct communication with Google staff and further updates will be provided as they are received.

[UPDATE] 8:19AM EST 1/5/2018

As of this morning the Merchant Center interface has resolved and sections such as Diagnostics and Product List have refreshed and are propogating.

However, the issue regarding feed update processing still seems to be down due to technical difficulties.

No additional word has been provided by Google staff at this time.

Updates to follow.

[UPDATE] 12:08PM EST 1/5/2018

According to the latest update feeds are now processing properly and the technical difficulties Google was experiencing should be resolved.

While we will continue to monitor the situation, for now at least changes/updates made to feeds should now accepted and processed correctly.

This included Automatic Updates via fetch schedules and manual fetches after changes were made to a feed or to one's products at source in one's store.

Anthony Capetola

Written by Anthony Capetola

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