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Sales & Orders Releases Q1 2018 US Google Shopping Growth Analysis Report

By Richard Aviles on April, 27 2018

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Richard Aviles

Content Marketer at Sales & Orders.

Bethpage, NY – Sales & Orders ( Management Software for Google Shopping released its Q1 2018 US Google Shopping Growth Analysis Report on Wednesday April 25th 2018.

The beginning of 2018 was a very fruitful one for e-commerce retailers on Google Shopping, as they experienced year over year growth at a steady pace.

As the overall popularity of Google Shopping has continued to explode, e-commerce retailers experienced a doubling in the overall traffic coming from the platform.

Additionally, it appears as though the total number of retailers utilizing the tool is on the rise.

An over 100% increase in impressions coupled with a 90% increase in ad spend is indicative of this rise in total retailers selling on Google Shopping. And even though total ad spend did drastically rise, sales, revenue and return on ad spend also jumped, 20%, 20% and 22% respectively. 

Ad performance has also seen a rather substantial jump, as retailers had their conversion rates in Google Shopping increase by 13% and overall average order value went up by 9%.

Other Major Insights Include:

Desktops Remain 'Ole Reliable'

  • YoY Desktop Clicks Increased 63%
  • YoY Desktop Impressions Increased 78% 
  • YoY Desktop Revenue Increased 26%

Mobile Devices and Tablets Continue to Improve

  • YoY Tablet Clicks Increased 66%
  • YoY Mobile Device Clicks Increased 108%
  • YoY Mobile Revenue Increased 33%

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