Google Images Now Part of Search Network for Shopping Ads by Default

By Anthony Capetola on Mar 08, 2019

Emails have gone out as of today with Google announcing that image search will now be part of the Search Network by default for Shopping Ads.

Previously, the images section of Google was eligible to display Shopping Ads, however only when advertisers enabled the Search Partner Network as part of their campaign setup.

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Remarketing Guide: Turn Online Leads into Conversions

By Matt Duczeminski on Feb 26, 2019

Think back to the last time you bought something from a brand you’d never heard of before.

Chances are, you didn’t buy it right away.

No matter how inexpensive the item was, you most likely hesitated for at least a little while. You might have even waited a few days, or even weeks, before actually going through with the purchase.

Or...maybe you didn’t end up going through with the purchase, after all. Maybe you took a quick look at a new gadget that caught your attention, said to yourself “I’ll check this out a bit more later,” and promptly forgot all about it.

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Google Adds Organic Listings for Merchant Center Feeds

By Anthony Capetola on Feb 23, 2019

Yesterday, Google officially announced three major "upgrades" to three of its core products: Merchant Center, Search Console, and Manufacturer Center.

The add-ons to Merchant Center and Search Console are especially exciting for retailers as Google has expanded the capabilities of search platform to aid merchants in reaching more shoppers online.

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3 Tips for Effectively Managing Brands in your Shopping Campaigns

By Anthony Capetola on Feb 21, 2019

One of the most common approaches to setting up Shopping campaigns is to segment everything by brand.

By doing it this way, retailers can improve their control over ad spend while also maintaining a more streamlined approach to managing bids and other campaign optimizations.

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27 Key eCommerce Metrics You Need to Track

By Elise Dopson on Feb 20, 2019

Reporting is essential in eCommerce--not only to track whether you’re doing well and meeting your goals, but to also double-check your gut feeling of success is reflected in overall performance.

After all, a hunch that performance is good won’t appease your boss or the board of directors.

You need to back it up with numbers, and prove you’re actually turning a decent profit.

But which eCommerce metrics actually prove your success? And where can you find them?

In this guide, we’re sharing 27 key eCommerce metrics you’ll need to continually monitor, track and evaluate.

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